Sweet Potatoes

Military Produce Group Sweet Potato

Sweet Potatoes

General Information:

Yams and sweet potatoes are terms used interchangeably in the United States, but yams in America are actually Sweet Potatoes that have a moist texture and an orange flesh. The US Department of Agriculture now requires that the label, "yam," always be accompanied by "Sweet Potato."

Selection and Storage:

Choose uniform sizes that are thick in the middle, taper at both ends, firm and free of blemishes or decay. 

Preparation and Cooking:

Keep completely covered when cooking to prevent discoloring. Peeled sweet potatoes must be put immediately into cold water for the same reason. This vegetable's flavor and texture is great for pies, muffins, pudding, flans and custards. To store, do not refrigerate and keep where it is well ventilated.