Current Market Updates

Week 8 2024 market update:



Strawberries: The Strawberry market continues to be extremely challenging. We have seen continued low harvest in Florida as a result of heavy rain and cold weather. The California and Mexican harvests have been challenged with rain the past two weeks as well causing an extreme under supply dynamic. We do expect to see improvement in the next two weeks if the sun comes out in Florida but the weather patterns that have plagued the deal for the past month and a half have persisted.

Mixed Berries: Raspberry supply has tightened out of Mexico; Blackberry supplies meet demand.

Blueberries: Flush crop plenty of availability and different levels of quality



Nature Sweet Snacking tomatoes: We have added the Nature Sweet snacking tomatoes back in the order guide unfortunately we are still having supplier prorates this week. Anticipate improvement over the next several weeks and promotable supplies in March.


Field grown tomato supplies are improving dramatically. We are seeing Roma and other field grown products price dropping and quality improving.



Beefsteak Supply is now meeting demand and we are heading into some promotable opportunities in the next few weeks.

TOV – Supply has improved dramatically.


Lettuce and Leafy Greens: Markets have really come under pressure as a result of last week’s rain. We expect quality challenges for the next two weeks and as the deal winds down in a month in Arizona and the California desert area supplies could become tight.


Colored Pepper: With red and yellow supplies improving, orange continues to be tight.


Green Beans:  Supplies have improved over the past three weeks. Markets have stabilized.


Mangoes: Supplies are still extremely tight but Mexico has begun shipping product and we expect improvement over the next week or so.


Eastern vegetables: Rain has once again created challenges in Florida.

Zucchini and Yellow squash: Quality has become more inconsistent.

Cabbage: Cold weather and rain have slowed production.

Cucumber: Offshore product in good supply.

Pepper: Tight markets as rain has hindered production.


Asparagus: Supplies have improved as the Mexican harvest in underway. MPG will move to the 28# pack next week.


Onions: White onion supplies are extremely tight. Sweet onions supplies have also tightened. We expect there to be rising markets on the yellows until the Spring Mexican and California crops begin at the end of March.


Grapes: The industry has moved to the Chilean season. We continue to have tightly supplied markets.


Clementines: California Clementines will be available going forward however this is an off-harvest year and markets are going to be high all season with yields peaking in March.


Lemons: California harvest is ongoing. Supplies have improved.


Limes: Market is climbing up due to lower supply overall on small sizes, weather and demand through December caused majority of volume to stay on trees causing a higher volume on 110/115s. Relief is not expected through the rest of January and February.


Cantaloupe and Honeydew: We will receive product from South and Central America until Spring.


Pears: Washington season is at the tail end and like the fall crop the import product from South America has been limited to smaller sizes. We expect to be in the smaller counts for a couple more weeks until supplies ramp.


Avocados: Mexican supplies are steady.