Current Market Updates

Strawberries: Production in Florida hit a wall late last week and grower yields are extremely light. Cool weather, rain, and disease in the fields are the limiting factors. There is some optimism that this week will be the low production point, but orders to MPG have been cut between 50% and 70% the past several days.

California Weather: The past three weeks have brought significant rainfall to California. The enormous storms; “bomb cyclones” or atmospheric rivers” have stretched the entire length of the state for much of the past two weeks. As would be expected, the produce growers have not been spared from the rain, winds, and flooding these storms have brought. Fortunately, winter is a time when many of the crops are in other growing areas. We are currently concerned with impacts to the following items:

Carrots: Although crop damage from the storms is not an issue, grower/shippers have not been able to get into fields to harvest. We are seeing heavy prorates and orders being zeroed out completely.

Citrus: At this point the major impact is in harvest delays more so than crop damage. Will stay posted to see if that changes.

Trucks: As suppliers are struggling to get into the fields and achieve yields to fill orders, trucks are being delayed as much as two or three days creating late arrivals. We are seeing this impact across the industry.

Western Vegetables: Growers and processors have completed the transition to Yuma, AZ. Although not affect by current rains, the path of the storm could cross over the Arizona growing areas which is currently the primary harvest regions for those crops. However, demand still exceeds supply and growers are still prorating orders on Celery, Cauliflower, Green Onions, and all lettuces and leaf. Market supply is very low on all of these items so any further impact from the current West coast weather could further tighten supply.

Pero: Our value added supplier is experience production shorts and prorating as a result of low supply on Broccoli, Cauliflower, Mini Pepper, and Green Beans. Additional rain affecting the mini pepper has created a setback. Prorations have increased and product will be unavailable next week.

Limes: Mexican production and logistics are being hindered by the desire of the Mexican growers to drive markets up. Supplies have tightened as a result.

Tomato: Mexican supply has driven price down. Quality is good out of Florida and Mexico. Green house grown tomatoes are a bit tighter as a result of strong holiday demand and shorter days. Demand on the snacking tomatoes continues to out pace supply.

Colored Pepper: Greenhouse grown colored pepper supply is short right now because of strong demand and short winter days with low light levels. This is typically the lowest production time of the year.

Greens: Very tight supplies as a result of crop damage from weather earlier in the fall and recent freeze damage.

Peaches and stone fruit: Chilean fruit has arrived and will be shipping out this week.

Blueberries, Blackberries and Raspberries:  Quality and supply continue to be excellent on all three items. Mexico is the primary region for blackberries and raspberries. Peru is the primary region for blueberries, we do expect firming markets over the next two weeks as a result of Decembers civil unrest.

Cherries: The import Cherry season is in full swing. The cherries received this time of year are prone to pitting as a result of travelling from South America. The expectation of appearance are not the same as the summer cherry deal.  

Eastern vegetables: Growers in Florida are slowly recovering from the storms the past several months. Most crops are on the rebounded.

Zucchini and Yellow Squash: Supply are improving but is still tight for the next week.

Cabbage: Transition to Florida from Georgia has let to a bit of a supply gap. We are expecting this situation to resolve itself within ten days.

Cucumber: Domestic crops are done for the season and the industry with really on Honduran supply. There is currently a slight gap awaiting the arrival of the offshore product.

Apples: Quality and supply are excellent as we are currently sourcing from New York, Virginia, and Washington.

Avocados: Excellent supply and great values out there right now.

Potatoes: The Idaho russet harvest is complete and the lower than expected yields have surprised some growers. We expect to have ample supplies near term but may see some challenges next summer with the storage crop. As a result of this markets are high.