Current Market Updates

Week 29 2025 Market update

Asparagus: Quality is good but supplies have tightened out of Peru

Avocados: Good supplies and quality out of Mexico


Strawberries: California is the primary region at this point and will carry through the fall. We are currently seeing prorates due to low industry yields as a result of high heat in the growing regions

Mixed Berries: The Hurricane in Mexico caused severe damage to Raspberry and Blackberry crops… as a result supplies are extremely tight with little relief expected in the short term

Blueberries: We are currently pulling out of the Pacific Northwest. Heat and rain in the Eastern growing regions has caused poor quality and low yields

Cantaloupe and Honeydew: Eastern Cantaloupes have had a challenging season as heat and rain across the region have caused quality and yield issues. We are currently pulling from California and it appears that deal will be the best option in the short term

Cherries: Washington has experienced a series of weather challenges including rain and strong winds as a result we have seen the cherry market tighten. We expect an early end to the Washington deal as well as limited quantities available from Canada

Cilantro, Parsley, Italian Parsley: Availability and quality has improved on the bunch herbs.


Clementines: Imports have begun from Morocco and Peru

Navel Oranges: California is expected to wrap up harvesting this week, we will begin transitioning to import navels in the next couple of weeks.

Lemons: California is done for the season, product is currently coming from Argentina

Limes: Mexican supplies have loosened, and more supply has become available

Grapes: California harvest has begun. We are seeing supply improve this week.

Colored Pepper: Markets have strengthened due to limited availability; this is expected to last through the summer.

Eastern vegetables: Harvesting in Georgia ,North Carolina and Virginia .

Green Pepper: Quality issues due to high temperatures. Georgia is finished and North Carolina has Jumbo count only, Virginia will start next week

Green Beans: Quality issues due to high temperatures. Growers are prorating

Zucchini and Yellow squash – Plenty of supply with good quality currently promotable out of Virginia

Corn – Good supplies out of Virginia

Green Cabbage – Market is up due to supplies starting to tighten because of the heat.

Cucumbers – Steady Supplies, Virginia will be starting this week.

Lettuces and Leafy Greens: Harvest has moved to the Salinas Valley. We are seeing harvest yields limited as a result of high heat the past two weeks in the region. We expect residual quality issues over the next several weeks but are not seeing any now. Please read below if you have any questions about quality:

We still have a handful of stores taking invalid credit on Iceberg and Romaine hearts. Rib discoloration does not mean product is out of grade and if only cap leaves are affected credit is not appropriate... The quality evaluation on all lettuce needs to follow two criteria and credit should not be requested if one of these things is not present:

1. Decay

2. Discoloration affecting the product deeper than the first three leaves If it is just brown or pink discoloration on the bottom of the iceberg head it is in tolerance and credit should not be requested.

Onions: Yellow, Red, and White onion harvests are underway in Mexico and California. Supply is improving. The Vidalia season is in full swing with good quality and supply.

Potatoes: We are seeing tightening supplies as we head towards the end on the 2023 storage deal on russet potatoes. As typical there will be some variance on the defects that arrive this time of year, but product will be shipped. Red and gold potatoes are done in Florida , We have moved to Virginia and will there for the next two weeks


Nature Sweet Snacking tomatoes: Promotable volumes

Hothouse: Supplies have tightened, we do not expect promotional opportunities until September

Field grown: Good supplies on the field grown with grape markets very low

Stonefruit: We are well into harvest currently in Virginia and New Jersey with peaches. California is also in full harvest at this point with white peaches , yellow nectarines, white nectarines, and plums.

Watermelon: Supplies are strong, and we expect good quality going forward, should be plenty of Volume for 4th of July sales.