Current Market Updates

Week 23 2023 market update:


Grapes: White grapes and red grapes are now available in all DC’s ; we anticipate having black grapes available next week and red globes should be available in two weeks.

Blueberries: Currently in Georgia and will be transitioning to New Jersey in another week or two . With the adverse weather conditions, we anticipate markets will remain firm until we transition fully to New Jersey.

Cherries: California cherries are winding down and will be finishing up in two weeks. Washington cherries should start harvesting the week of 6/19 and they are anticipating a great crop this season .

Stone Fruit- New crop California peach and nectarine harvest has begun, and product is available in all DC’s . The Southeastern stone fruit deal suffered significant damage in March with a late freeze that is expected to reduce yields to approximately 50% of normal. MPG will be relying entirely on California at the beginning of the season to make up for the gap. Plums should be available the week of 6/19.

California Weather: In the first three months of 2023 California experienced historical rain storms and significant challenges for the growers in all regions. Many of the major growing areas including the Salinas Valley, Central coastal regions, and the central valley/Huron regions were severely impacted by the rains and cold weather. This is very problematic for the items grown in those areas. We will continue to see major challenges this with:

All Lettuces, Broccoli and Cauliflower, leafy greens and herbs, green onions, and berries.

We expect to see variable supply for the foreseeable future as growers were unable to plant daily for three weeks. Over the next several months and likely through the Salinas harvest there will be weeks of limited supply on all the items listed above.

Watermelon: Melons are being harvested and a good quality as we head into the 4th of July.

Cantaloupe: We have transitioned to eastern cantaloupes and will be sourcing from Georgia .

Strawberries: The Salinas/Watsonville region was hard hit by the rains and growers have experienced major plant losses. As we move toward May we are seeing the harvest in areas not impacted as dramatically by the rains showing solid production numbers. The plants in some areas appear to have benefitted from the extra water and the industry is optimistic that we will see growing supply as a result. North Carolina is finished for the season.

Asparagus: Warm weather in Peru has brought on a strong harvest the past two weeks. We expect good supply to continue for the next several weeks.

Citrus: California citrus harvest is expected to go another 2 weeks , we will transition to import citrus the week of 6/25.

Onions: Texas has experienced a period of rainy weather limiting the onion harvest and tightening the supply. We do expect this to improve over the next several weeks but the summer will likely present so very tight supply.

Vidalia Sweet Onions: Harvest began last month and the quality and flavor are excellent. These are a spring/summer favorite.

Limes: Mexican production has improved and prices are beginning to drop. We expect this to continue for the next couple weeks and should be at normal supply levels by May.

Tomato: Mexican supply has driven price down. Quality is good out of Florida and Mexico. Green house grown tomato markets have leveled.

Colored Pepper: Greenhouse grown colored pepper supply is flush.

Blackberries and Raspberries:  Raspberries and in very short supply currently but the Blackberry supply is very volatile. Weather has a huge impact on availability especially in the Spring.

Eastern vegetables:

Zucchini and Yellow squash: Supply has improved in Georgia and growing regions in North Carolina are beginning harvest. Supply is ample.

Cabbage: Markets are lower, and supply is good with product being harvested in North Carolina.

Cucumber: Supplies are good from North Carolina.

Apples: Quality and supply are excellent as we are currently sourcing from New York, Virginia, and Washington. We do expect things to get tight as we approach summer this year as a result of smaller fruit and lower yields.

Avocados: Markets should be very well supplied this spring as Mexico has a bumper crop this year, we expect some excellent promotional opportunities for the next three months.

Potatoes: The Idaho russet harvest is complete and the lower than expected yields have surprised some growers. We expect to have ample supplies near term but may see some challenges next summer with the storage crop. As a result of this markets are high.