Defense Commissary Agency

Operating a worldwide chain of commissaries, DeCA honorably serves military personnel, retirees and their families. DeCA saves shoppers an average of 30% on their purchases which amounts to thousands of dollars annually when shopping regularly at commissaries.

"Many young service families, particularly those stationed in high cost-of-living urban areas, simply can not make ends meet without the price savings provided by the commissaries. Those savings amount to about double the appropriated cost of running the system. In other words, preserving this level of compensation in direct dollar payments to military personnel would cost the government twice the current fund appropriation." (Link to Commissary History)

The commissary benefit is a tradition that began in 1825 and as the American military spread around the globe, so did the Commissary. By the end of the 1970's, every military branch managed their own commissary. On May 15, 1990 at Fort Lee, Va., the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) as we know it was established and soon after a year, assumed full control of all commissaries. 

DeCA and Military Produce Group have been partnering for over a decade to bring fresh produce to our defense patrons and their families. Each day, Military Produce Group deploys trained produce specialists to assist in day to day commissary operations such as building displays, produce ordering, demo deployment and nutritional education. MPG's team of Customer Service professionals assist DeCA in ordering suggestions and inventory management. The Sales & Marketing Department compliments DeCA's sales initiatives through various creative marketing programs. The Procurement Team's expertise is in building relationships with prime growers in order to bring in-house, the freshest produce available. MPG's experienced Operations Team paired with an advanced distribution system provides unmatched safety and quality in our produce under the same roof(s). Additionally, the Technology Department provides invaluable technical support to Produce Managers, MPG employees and departments. 

Hand in hand, DeCA and the MPG family work diligently to provide military families with the lowest possible prices with highest quality produce. Visit your local store today to see for yourself!