Military Produce Group Greens


General Information:

Americans around the country are starting to appreciate hearty greens like turnips, collard, mustard, chard, kale, dandelions and broccoli raab (rapini) that previously were mostly used in southern cuisine.  Many trendy restaurants now offer broccoli raab, usually with some sort of pasta.  

Selection and Storage:

With all greens, choose those that have good, green color with leaves that do not show any yellowing, withering or blemishes.  Stems should look freshly cut and should not be dried out, browned or split.  Once home, discard any bruised or yellow leaves and remove any bands or ties that hold bunches together.  Wash greens in plenty of cool water, drain and store loosely in plastic bags (preferably perforated) and gently wrapped in paper towels.

Preparation and Cooking:

Place the core end of the head on the counter, place your hands over the leaves close to the central stem and push down with one sharp quick motion.  The leaves will separate from the core.  Break off the heavy stalks from the leaves and discard.  Wash the leaves in cold water and dry like salad greens.  The greens can be cooked easily by boiling, steaming, or braising.