Military Produce Group Broccoli


General Information:

It is hard to find a more nutritious vegetable than broccoli.  This super veggie is loaded with nutrients.  Broccoli is dark green with compact clusters, also called florets, on top of stalks.  Commonly, cooks prepare broccoli as a side dish to protein, but it is enjoyable in many ways.  It lends itself to many different styles of cooking, which makes it a favorite vegetable in the United States.

Selection and Storage:

Look for heads that are dark green and have compact clusters.  To store, refrigerate unwashed in a plastic bag.

Preparation and Cooking:

Wash the vegetable thoroughly before using.  There are seemingly endless ways to prepare broccoli.  Make a party tray with broccoli florets and a healthy veggie dip or steam, roast, or sautee stalks and florets for a nutrient-rich side dish.