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April is the Month of the Military Child!!!

April is the month of the military child! This month, we're honoring and applauding military families and children for the sacrifices they make and the challenges they overcome every day.

There are over a million American children who have one or more active-duty parents. For these children and their families, it can be challenging to put down roots in one place for very long. Military families move three times more often than most families, and since 2001 approximately two million children have experienced a partial deployment. For these reasons, the dandelion has been chosen as a symbol to represent military children. Dandelion seeds are scattered through the world with the wind, but the plants are also hardy and resilient, just like these brave children.

This month, you might notice things looking a bit more purple. Purple is the color that has been chosen to show support for military children, as it is the combination of the colors of each branch of the military - red for the Marines, green for the Army, and blue for the Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard. The commissaries will be sporting some extra purple and hosting events this month to support and celebrate military children - keep an eye out!

Military Produce Group is dedicated to providing military families with fresh, high-quality produce and healthy options. Throughout the Month of the Military Child and all the other months of the year, we're proud to support our brave military families and children.

Cleo Frattarelli