Kids Mini Loaded Baked Potatoes


12 Mini or baby potatoes

4 slices cooked turkey bacon, crumbled or chopped

1 bunch broccoli

1 tbl olive oil

1 cup shredded cheese


Place all the potatoes, thoroughly washed, in an oven safe dish. Cook at 325 for about 45 minutes- 1 hour, or until the potatoes are soft to the touch. Slice in half and return to the dish. Chop in small pieces the broccoli and boil in water for only about 3 minutes. Drain and dry. Top potatoes with broccoli, turkey bacon, and shredded cheese.  Drizzle olive oil over everything. Return to oven and increase the temperature to 400. Cook for 5-10 minutes,  or until cheese is melted.

Cook Time: 
45 minutes - 1 hour