You may think that the biggest difference in potatoes is how you pronounce the word itself, but there is so much more. In Fact, did you know that there are 4000 varieties of potatoes worldwide? Potatoes are available in a broad range of colors and sizes they should be selected based on what you want to cook. So how do you select the right potato for you? The most important thing is knowing the level of starch in the potato, as it determines how it will react to baking, roasting or mashing.


High Starch Potatoes:

These Potatoes have light fluffy texture. They’re great for baking, Mashing and frying. Russet potatoes fall under category.

Russet’s work well as oven baked wedges, try this one’s seasoned parmesan potato wedges.


Medium Starch Potatoes:

These Potatoes include varieties like purple and white potatoes. These types of potatoes are more moist than high starch potatoes and hold their shape. They make great Gratins and are prefect for roasting.


Medium to low Starch Potatoes:

These types of potatoes are good for steaming or boiling. Red and Yukon gold potatoes fall under this category.


Low Starch Potatoes:

These potatoes hold their shape well and are fantastic for your classic potato salad. Varieties include waxy potatoes such as fingerling.

Great for summer BBQ’s, this potato salad incorporates creamy dill dressing and vinegar for zing.

No matter what you’re cooking, when you pick your potatoes look for ones that are firm and dry, free of blemishes, green tinge and sprouted eyes. If you’re making a traditional baked potato, make sure to get potatoes similar in size and shape so that they cook in approximately the same amount of time.