MPG's New RPC Wrap Marketing Program

Collapsible and sturdy RPCs (Reusable Plastic Crates) have been used for quite some time in the delivery of MPG’s fresh produce to commissaries, but we’ve now discovered a new use for them!

We’ve just implemented an all-new, in-store marketing program featuring high-graphic RPC wraps! The new program features double-sided messaging that custom fits stacked RPCs. This provides a greener and more sustainable approach to storing and marketing fresh produce to patrons in the commissaries we serve. The new RPC wraps will offer less waste than a typical produce bin and the changeable, high-graphic message will be eye-catching to shoppers as they cruise through the produce aisle. We’ve now made the switch and are dedicated to the development of this new initiative. So far, we have produced 500 double-sided, full color bin wraps and they are already being used in stores.

Not only is MPG committed to making available our low prices, premium quality and healthy solutions to our military men and women, but we’re also dedicated to improving our programs when possible to help support the environment.

Shop your commissary for fresh produce and help us make a difference.

Heidi Raymond, Sales & Marketing Brand Manager