Family Meals Month!

September is National Family Meals Month! This campaign started in 2015 and has grown into a national movement in which health professionals, and other communities come together to encourage families to enjoy more meals together. With everyone’s busy schedules, having meals together can be tough for many families, and we encourage families to commit to a meal together once a week. Multiple studies have shown that when families have dinner together, everyone in the family benefits. Families grow closer, children’s performance in school improves, and the whole family eats more nutritious meals and fewer overall calories over the course of the day as a result of proper meal planning. Enjoying even one more meal together as a family benefits everyone involved and gives the whole family a much needed respite from their busy lives.


To show our support, MPG has teamed up with Produce for Kids to bring signage and promotional materials to the commissaries. Commissaries received displays promoting healthy family recipes such as fajitas, vegetable soup, and sweet potatoes! This gives families a chance to shop for the ingredients and go home to cook a meal united. We'll be celebrating this movement through September so make sure to check your local commissary with your family to shop for these delicious recipes!