5 Healthy Meal Prep Tips

Healthy Meal Prep Tips

  1. Make a Plan- Make a List of your favorite healthy foods, choose simple easy to follow recipes the can be made quickly or in bulk, and write out a menu for the week.
  2. Stick to the Grocery List-  Don’t let the junk food tempt you and sneak into the shopping cart. When it is not available you are less tempted.
  3. Cook Foods in Bulk- Roasting vegetables, sweet potatoes, and even chicken breasts all at once will save you time, and cut down on your utility bill. Imagine…all your side dishes for the week…ready in about 30 minutes!
  4. Look for Shortcuts- Buy pre-cut veggies and fruit, cooked lentil or rotisserie chicken. Tuna is an easy no-cook protein to add to salads or snacks.
  5. Mix Things Up- It can be tempting to just eat the same meals every day, but you’ll eventually get bored. This can be as simple as choosing different proteins for your salads each day, or eating chicken with vegetables three nights of the week, and fish or tofu with vegetables the other
Brandi Reeves